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Buy or make it CNC woodworking projects and designs. Since 2019 I've been seeing what I can create using a CNC router and the possibilities are endless. The plan is to offer custom designs, finished projects, and everything needed for folks to make those projects themselves.

04/22: On hold
06/23: Experimenting

Ball in a Maze

Ball in a MazeThree layer hardwood and stainless steel rolling ball mazes. The interior Walnut layer is constructed from six plies of A-grade veneer to provide the crispest detail possible. The backside of the top layer has a recess to trap the acrylic face. The outer layers are Baltic Birch on the ~6" maze and 6ply White Oak on the ~3.5" coasters.

Ball in a MazeBall in a MazeBall in a MazeBall in a Maze
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Inlaid Text

Inlaid TextExample White Oak and Sapele sign made with inlaid text. Inlaying text (or anything else) with a CNC router requires that all corners of the text be rounded to match the radius of the tool being used. The Phenomena font works well because most of the corners have a suitable radius and only minor editing (in Inkscape :-) is required. Size: ~11 x 4".

Inlaid TextInlaid TextInlaid Text
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Inlaid Cribbage Boards

Inlaid Cribbage BoardTwo or three track cribbage boards inlaid with 3 ply veneer. A shallow perimeter cut exposes the middle ply. The example is a Walnut (top) and Sapele (outline) inlay. Available as a customized finished product (numerous options) and as DXF or Estlcam .e10 files for makers and DIY's.

Inlaid Cribbage BoardInlaid Cribbage Boards
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Carved Welcome Sign

Carved Welcome SignA welcome sign made with two layers of hardwood. Carving the letters (Andala font) removed the top Anegre layer to expose the Sapele interior. The back has keyhole slots for hanging and holes for rubber feet (and locating pins). The two sided machining was done all at once with eight different tools. Size: ~16 x 4.5"

Carved Welcome SignCarved Welcome Sign
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Screw Top Wood Box

Screw Top Wood BoxRound wood box with quarter turn threaded cap. The relatively beefy (~3x2mm) machined wood threads are easy to use and have a slight friction fit. The perimeter machined stacked box construction leaves smoother interior surfaces.

Screw Top Wood BoxScrew Top Wood BoxScrew Top Wood Box
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Trinity Knot Inlay

Trinity Knot InlayAn ~5" nine piece triquetra and interlaced circle (AKA tinity knot) inlay. The fist example is Sapele inlaid in Eucalyptus. The second is Maple and Sapele inlaid in Walnut. The later includes the vacuum fixture used to machine the inlay pieces. All inlays are made with 3 plys of mostly A grade veneer and will mate with pocket perimeters machined with a 2mm bit.

Trinity Knot InlayTrinity Knot InlayTrinity Knot Inlay
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Dolphin Earring and Inlay

Dolphin Earring and InlayWalnut dolphins for inlays (3ply), earrings (5ply), etc. Inlay example was done as four 94mm coasters. The 80mm dolphins are machined full depth (no tabs) on a vacuum fixture using a 2mm bit.

Dolphin Earring and InlayDolphin Earring and InlayDolphin Earring and InlayDolphin Earring and Inlay
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Aperiodic Monotile Puzzle

Aperiodic Monotile PuzzlePuzzle (~6") with 13 identical pieces (aperodic monotiles). The defined border makes this experimental puzzle relatively easy. A 100pc (~15") version should be much more challenging. Using CNC router cut tiles for inlays would require 8-24 (6 and 15") slightly different shapes to remove the slight gaps at the 3 and 4-way intersections.

Aperiodic Monotile PuzzleAperiodic Monotile PuzzleAperiodic Monotile Puzzle
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