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Aug 2021: I am only taking on small and interesting projects, no built-ins or kitchens.

My small wood and metalworking shop provides consultation, design and manufacturing services to businesses, homeowners, makers and DIY's. My main interest is in turning ideas into aesthetic and functional products, I am happy to help others with any aspect of that process as well as providing complete custom designed creations. The standard shop rate is $40hr.

Basic capabilities:
      Sheet good processing:
         Cutting and sizing up to 4 x 8'
         Edgebanding up to 1/8 x 1-7/8"
         Vacuum pressing (e.g. raw veneer) up to 47 x 95"
         21 spindle line and construction boring up to 8'
         13 spindle line/face boring
         3 spindle European hinge boring
      Solid wood sizing (1 x 10' max) and shaping
         6" joiner
         9" planer
         12" drum sander
         3hp table router
         spindle sander
      CNC Router cutting, engraving and carving up to ~30 x 30"
      Wood dyeing and water based finishing up to 4 x 8'
      Sheet metal processing:
         36" shear
         4" notcher
         24" box break
      Drilling, reaming and machine tapping up to 4 x 96" flat stock
      Milling up to 4 x 8" flat stock
      Steel cut-off and processing up to 1-1/8" round, 4" flat

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