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04/22: I have not added anything to this category in years and will likely delete it.

My main motivation for getting involved with Linux was wanting to build and run my own website. I started by hacking others website building scripts on a site hosted by my ISP. One thing lead to another and I ended up writing my own script and started hosting my site on a Linux computer at my home. I've been running my own Apache, mail (mostly Sendmail, some Qmail), Samba and DNS servers for quite a few years now. The only server I use at my ISP is NNTP, everything else is handled in house.

Linux ended up being my primary desktop OS. Initially I used it for most of my writing and online activities. Linux and I got better over time and I started using it for entertainment (e.g. multimedia) and other miscellaneous tasks that I had been using Windows for. I still need Windows for CAD (no luck w/ wine) so I haven't bothered looking for an alternative to QuickBooks and a few other programs that I use less often than CAD (e.g. TaxAct).

The Linux sub-categories contain notes, how-to's, scripts and links that I have written/accumulated over the years. The content is somewhat random and some (...most) of it is outdated.

      RAR and PAR2
      Mostly out of date
      Miscellaneous KDE and Kate How To's
      Xine and Mplayer,   GeeXboX,   LIRC,   Ripping and Transcoding,   Joining avi files
      Common and obscure tasks
      Mirroring and backup
      Mostly Apache
      Includes a couple of Perl scripts that I have written (PPWeb and Google Voice Dialer).

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