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Nzbget is a tool for downloading binaries posted to newsgroups. While NZBGet is a little more work to set up than other newsgroup software, it is well worth it. I run it in daemon mode (runs in the background and logging in and out of X doesn't affect it) and use NZBGetWeb to track progress (can also check with -L when not running X).

One of the nice things about NZBGet is that it can automatically repair an archive and it will only download the par2 files it needs to do it. Another thing that's really handy is that you can save nzb's directly to the nzb directory and they will be downloaded automatically.

While NZBGet doesn't extract the archive itself, it can send the needed information to a post processing script. This allows you do do whatever you want with the downloaded files, e.g. automated extraction and cleanup. I initially created PPWeb to do just that. PPWeb now includes WFNzb so that the whole process - from watching for and downloading nzb's, to extraction and cleanup - can be fully automated.

...NZBGet now includes PPWeb like functionality. I still use/maintain PPWeb, but only older versions (<=10.2) of NZBGet are supported.

Building From Sources

Libraries (dev version numbers are just examples) needed to build NZBGet. Some are optional but its easier to just install them all.

      libstdc++6 and libstdc++6-dev
      libxml2 and libxml2-dev
      libncurses5 and libncurses5-dev
      libpar2-1 and libpar2-dev
      libsigc++ and libsigc++2.0_0-dev
      libopenssl0.9.8-dev...   libopenssl1.0.0-dev...   libssl-dev

You'll also need a build environment. While gcc is pretty common, you may also need to install things like gcc-c++, make, autoconf and automake... The later two may only be needed when building from svn sources and can be avoided by doing $ touch configure and $ touch Makefile.in before running $ ./configure and $ make. If your binary is over 2MB, run $ strip nzbget (thks hugbug).
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With a new install of Mandriva 2008.1 (spring), all I needed to install NZBGet was libpar2-0 and libsigc++2.0 (no devel's needed) and the executable I built on Mandriva '07. Since it should make it easier for others to get started with NZBGet, I'm posting the exectable along with README's and configuration example... Since the executable has been known to work on Debian 4 Etch x86 32-bit (thx hugbug), my guess is that it will work with other Linux distros as well.

Nov '16: 1563_nzbget-10.2-arm-binary.tar.gz nzbget-10.2-arm-binary.tar.gz built/using on a PI2 running Raspbian Jessie (replaces non SSL build from last month - figured out the dev pkg needed, see above).

Apr '13: This 10.2 binary requires libopenssl1.0.0 (and other current libraries). It was built on an up to date 2013 PCLOS. NOTE: --disable-libpar2-bugfixes-check configure switch was used. Non PPWeb users should see NZBGet configuration Par Check/Repair ParScan notes.

      1563_nzbget-10.2-binary.tar.gz nzbget-10.2-binary.tar.gz
      1563_nzbget-10.2-webui.tar.gz nzbget-10.2-webui.tar.gz

May '12: These binaries were built on an ancient ('08.1) Mandriva system, but also work on up to date systems where libopenssl0.9.8 is used/available... still work (Oct '14).

      1563_nzbget-0.8.0-binary.tar.gz nzbget-0.8.0-binary.tar.gz
      Nov '12: v9 includes a new web interface (webui folder) that can replace NzbgetWeb.
      1563_nzbget-9.0-testing-r511-binary.tar.gz nzbget-9.0-testing-r511-binary
      1563_nzbget-9.0-testing-r511-webui.tar.gz nzbget-9.0-testing-r511-webui

      Last build on the old system, binary only (10.0 testing) - no support files (fine for using w/ PPWeb).
      1563_nzbget.r567.tar.gz nzbget.r567

Old ARM binaries for PPWeb
      Debian Squeeze armel 1563_nzbget.0.7.0-2.armel.tar.gz nzbget.0.7.0-2.armel (tested w/ dockstar)
      Debian Wheezy armhf 1563_nzbget.0.7.0-2.armhf.tar.gz nzbget.0.7.0-2.armhf (using on cubieboard2)

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