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32mm System Basics

The 32mm system is a method of indexing cabinet components. All cabinet componets are sized in 32mm increments and located some multiple of 32mm apart. This article covers the basics - System Holes, Indexing, Construction Holes, Boxes and Shared Panels and Cabinet Styles... more
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32mm Increments

All 32mm system components are located multiples of 32mm apart and sized in increments of 32mm. More often than not, increments are a multiple of 32mm plus or minus a constant (32m +/-). The constant provides needed/desired clearances between components.

Following are a number of example increment tables and formulas. Inch equivalents are rounded to the closest 1/16". Divisibles (/d) are handy when you want to divide a space equally.... more
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System Row Start Holes

Side panel system row start hole distances determine how door and drawer faces register to the side panels and how much reveal is at the top and bottom of the cabinet. The table lists the minimum (practical) start hole distances, actual start hole distances can be increased to the minimum needed to mount the hardware being used (+32m). Fully balanced systems have balanced start holes (most are based on panel thickness - PT) and equal top/bottom/side reveals. The table reveals are based on a 3mm gap between door and drawer faces.

Fully Balanced Modular
StylesPT sys reg startsshift reg startsall reveals
full overlayany32161.5
half overlay19 (16)9.5 (8)25.5 (24)11 (9.5)
railed inset19 (16)9.5 (8)25.5 (24)22 (20.5)
full inset19 (16)20.5 (19)4.5 (3)22 (20.5)
Balanced Start Holes
Overlaysys reg startsshift reg startsreveal t / breveal side
KISS II35(19)4.51.5
Unbalanced Start Holes
Full Overlaysys reg t / bshift reg t / breveal t / breveal side
modular33.5 / 30.517.5 / 14.53 / 01.5
Process 32(8.5) / (30.5)24.5 / 14.510 / 01.5

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True32 Ten Commandments

The True32.com system is a design specific application of the 32mm system. True32 cabinets have full overlay faces and the boxes are designed to be stackable. Because of this, their basic rules (ten commandments) are a bit more specific. Following are my comments on how those rules relate to 32mm basics... more
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European vs. Face-frame

I had tossed this because its not original and I have no experience with traditional face-frame cabinet construction. Since there were folks looking for the page (via Google) the day after I tossed it, I've decided to leave it... more
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