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Posted by Dave on Sunday, 01-Dec-2013

Cabinet box components are often called panels - side/end and top/dust (full panels between drawers)/bottom panels. Some other names for side panels are bulkheads, standards, jambs and gables. Top/bottom panels are also known as the deck and floor of the cabinet.

Structural panels at the ends of a run of cabinet boxes are called end panels. They are called finished end panels (FEP or FE) if they get finished to match the door and drawer faces. If the finished end panels (sheet goods, 5 piece panels, etc.) are separate from the cabinet (scribed and mounted during install), they are called applied finished end panels (AFEP or applied ends/AE).
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Cross Member

Posted by Dave on Sunday, 01-Dec-2013

Any structural element that crosses the cabinet from side panel to side panel - typically the top/bottom panels and stretchers
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Posted by Dave on Thursday, 28-Nov-2013

Any partial depth/height horizontal construction element that ties the box sides together. The most common use is between/behind the top drawer and a door (or drawer). A stretcher at the back of the cabinet, used for mounting it to the wall, is a nailer. A vertical stretcher at the front of the cabinet, e.g. in front of a sink, is an apron. The top/deck of the cabinet can be a panel or two stretchers
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Drawer Slide Offset (DSO, SO)

Drawer Slide Offset (DSO, SO)Posted by Dave on Thursday, 28-Nov-2013

The distance from the slide system mounting hole, to the ledge that the drawer box side or bottom sits on. Applies to all bottom and under mount slides. This is a primary variable when designing a drawer layout, or in determining whether or not a manufacturers slide will work with a given layout.
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