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Many distributions, while having loads of software, are incomplete/crippled. For one reason or another they cannot/don't (e.g. licensing) include many useful programs. Repositories like the following fill the gap.

PLF for Mandriva (Easy Urpmi)
Packman for Suse
RPM Fusion for Fedora and RHEL (a merger of Dribble, Freshrpms and Livna)

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Re: Repositories
Posted by Peter on Tuesday, 18-Nov-2008

For all things Fedora, RPMFusion is now the place to go...

"RPM Fusion is a merger of the following package repositories for Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux :
* Dribble
* Freshrpms
* Livna."

Installation: [link]

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Re: Repositories
Posted by Dave Lers on Tuesday, 18-Nov-2008

Topic updated, thank you.

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