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Rotary Table

Rotary TableAs with everything I mount to the mill table, I wanted to make setups easily repeatable. The unit is real close to 4" deep and just fits in my 3 x 4" screwless vise. It just so happens that butting it against my -20mm stop is the right place for it.

The only problem was that the rotary table wanted to lift up when tightening the vise. The back face of the table base was way out of square to the bottom and machining it square fixed that. Since I had the table apart, I cleaned it and lubricated everything with high pressure lithium grease. The crankshaft has no keyway or flat (the setscrew dimples made it hard to take apart), so I machined a flat for the knob setscrew. While I was at it, I widened the center of a 10x24mm needle bearing race to fit the 11mm crankshaft. Not being happy with the action of the small knob, I enlarged it with a plate and a free spinning delrin knob.


StandoffsStandoffsStandoffsTo mount center standoffs to the table I extended the M8 table mounting threads though the top of the table and use an m8 setcrew.
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