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MixedUsing various aspects of half and full overlay design its possible to achieve a number of different looks. The example is a half overlay box with the top and bottom of the box moved inward 11mm to provide a full overlay top and bottom. Instead of a simple/flat applied end, the front edge is built up by 8mm to provide a thicker look. Hybrid designs like this are more labor intensive and require some careful design and hardware choices. Inset-Flush Half-Overlay cabinets go a step further.

Full/Half Overlay

HybidThe cabinet at right uses the same basic design as the drawing. The box was made from three upright panels. The drawer faces half-overlay the panels on the sides and are full overlay on the top/bottom (Plus 32 w/ 3/0 reveals). The applied ends, with their 19mm buildup on the front edge (VS 8 in the drawing), overlap the end panels by 8mm (as do the drawer faces) to provide a 3mm reveal. The applied ends are mounted to, and spaced from, the end panels using Mod-eez keyhole brackets.

...Here's a drawing of a half/full overlay box sans applied ends. The only differences between it and the half-overlay version is that the side panels are 19mm shorter and the divider is 8mm shorter.
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