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System Varianta 32

System Varianta 32System Varianta 32 is Hafele's 32mm system. I believe it is the same/similar to Hetich's System 32, but the image is all that I have been able to find from Hafele's old training material (1985-89 VHS/booklet). It sure looks like the same fully balanced (37/37 x 9.5/9.5) panel. I'm not aware of any material that specifies how door and drawer faces integrate into this system, but there is a Hafele drawing (taken from Jim Christ's book) showing Shared Panel construction, i.e. half-overlay (or inset) cabinetry.

32mm system rows (doors and drawers not covered, see Sys32+)

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Re: System Varianta 32
Posted by John R Hogerhuis on Monday, 30-Jan-2023

You referred to the Hafele VHS... maybe this is the same thing, posted by Keaton Costa on YouTube.


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